Everything You Didn’t Need to Know About The Skyrim: Dragonborn DLC

Skyrim! New DLC! Dragons! Wesley Copeland gives us the rundown on all the info you didn’t need to know about Skyrim’s latest DLC, Dragonborn.

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The BesTest Borderlands 2 Review Ever WroTed
Tiny TinaSo yeah, I was talkin to Wes last week and he’s like “Sorry there’s no Borderlands 2 review. 2K ran out of copies” and I’m like “Maaaan! That sucks! You wan me to do it?!?!” and then he’s like “No.” and then I’m like “Pweeeeeeeeeese?” I asked him like, I dunno, a hundred times. Anyway, he eventually cracked (and is now locked in my basement). So here I am with ma review of BORDERLANDS 2 BITCHES!!!!!!

Random Gaming Thought of the Week: Wii U
VGI: Ones to Watch in 2012 

VGI writers Ahmed Ali, Decal Skews and Wesley Copeland give you their thoughts on what games to keep an eye out for in 2012.

Complete with a Dragon Age 2 bedspred …

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Game of Thrones The RPG: Preview: Combat

Cyanide Studios recently showcased the combat system for their latest RPG based upon the critically acclaimed HBO series and international best selling book series a Song of Ice and Fire, Game of Thrones: The RPG

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VGI: Top 5 Wrestling Games

When it comes to wrestling games, there’s been more gobbledy gookers than there has John Cenas. But why focus on the failures? The games that leave you wanting to smack a steel chair over your head in frustration? Instead, let’s focus on the (Andre the) giants that the wrestling gaming industry has served up over the last nearly thirty years by clicking the picture above.
GAME Enter Administration

GAME has confirmed plans to enter into administration.

GAME have announced via a statement that plans to save the UK’s biggest gaming retailer have failed thus far.
Mark Darrah on The Future of Dragon Age
Mark Darrah, Executive Producer of Dragon Age II has taken to the forums, via ChrisPriestly, to give fans of the series an insight in to what lies ahead.
Capcom Announce Pricing for SFxTekken On-Board DLC

The 12 on-disk characters for Capcom’s Street Fighter x Tekken will cost you 1600 Microsoft Points.